Uni-Arch 7″ set of 4



Flexible – Universal – Competition arches.    Video link

7″  by 63″ (1600mm) Universal fit flexible “Uni-Arch”

Designed for a universal fit, and to resist impact.

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Please see below for more about the Uni-Arch.

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Competition – Road – Green lane or Play.
•  Face, tube or under surface fitment.
•  Strong yet super flexible cantilever design.
•  Each arch (in set of 4) supplied in a single strip 7″ width with a full 1600mm length.
•  Designed for universal fitting with either: Rivet, bolt or screw.
•  Apply to your desired shape, length and width.
• Chemically engineered & heat treated for High Impact resistance with resilience.
•  When brushing against hard objects they don’t transfer pressure to bodywork.
•  Customisable and available in various colours to order.
• Product designed and sold by 4x4goods.com
• Made here in the UK.



Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 160 × 17.8 × 4 cm


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